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Regular Seminars

The specialists of Foreign Languages Resource Center together with the staff of Business Foreign Languages Department and Technical Foreign Languages Department develop and organize educational and methodological seminars related to problems of teaching foreign languages at schools, colleges and universities. The seminars are organized on-site and in a distance form. At present there are seminars according to the following themes:

1. Development of electronic courses


  • HTML editors for developing electronic courses
  • Multimedia platforms for developing electronic courses

2. Using LMS (Learning Management System) in teaching foreign languages


  • Work with learning management systems
  • Learning content management systems in teaching foreign languages

3. Development of e-tests and simulators for teaching foreign languages


  • Theory of developing e-tests and simulators
  • Online generators of e-tests and simulators
  • Distributive generators of e-tests and simulators
  • Development of interactive tests and e-simulators for teaching foreign languages

4. Methods of distance teaching of foreign languages


  • Skype-technologies in teaching foreign languages
  • Blogging in teaching foreign languages

5. Using Internet-resources in teaching foreign languages


  • Media portfolio as a means of increasing effectiveness of teaching foreign foreign languages
  • Video lectures in teaching foreign languages


If you want to participate in our seminars you need to write an application letter to us This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it