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Translator in the Field of Professional Communication

Every year since February 2004 preparation of students on educational program "Translator in the Field of Professional Communication" begins in Humanies faculty .

The program of additional qualification "Translator in the Field of Professional Communication" is developed by UMO on Language Education and approved by the order of the Ministry of General and Professional Education in Russia.

The program continues 2,5 academic years. It is possible to study both in the afternoon and everning. Moreover, there is a possibility to study certain subjects at a distance and at the end of the program students get the additional qualification "Translator in the Field of Professional Communication". The educational program is taught by highly-skilled lecturers from the Business Foreign Languages Department and the Technical Foreign Languages Department, who have annual training in Russian and foreign higher schools.

The program is the additional one to the main specialty. The purpose of the program is to prepare general translators, who are able to translate at any level of language preparation, not only within the limits of their main specialty, but also in wider spheres of professional, scientific and technical communication.

The main tasks of training:

  • development of skills in professional translation and interpretation as a foreign language into Russian and from Russian into a foreign language.
  • improvement of the professional skills of the Russian language use in written and oral forms.
  • studying the theory and history of translation.
  • studying the basic methods and techniques to achieve translation equivalence.
  • studying methods of information support translation activities.

The main subjects are: the translation theory, introduction to linguistics, basic theory of the studied language, the practical course of the profession-focused translation, oral translation from a foreign language into a native language, translation practice, etc. During the program, students acquire the necessary skills and generic skills of translation, the translation skills of analyzing the original texts, skills in a variety of interlanguage translation of the text changes that will allow translating in any professional field. Students have translation practice in enterprises and various organizations of the region: closed corporation "Sibtyazhmash", JSC PO Krasnoyarsk Combine Factory", at international conferences and competitions in various travel agencies, etc. Our graduates successfully work in their major field of study, using additional qualification in their professional activity "Translator in the Field of Professional Communication".

At the graduation ceremony graduates are awarded with the state diploma of Siberian State Aerospace University, the assignment of the additional qualification "Translator in the Field of Professional Communication", no matter where they got their first speciality.